Ray's Diesel Performance | When’s the last time you checked your tire pressure?
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When’s the last time you checked your tire pressure?


24 May When’s the last time you checked your tire pressure?

33927593_SWhen it comes to vehicle maintenance, air pressure in your tires is something commonly overlooked. Many drivers don’t think to check their tires before going on a long trip, or they wait until they get their oil changed to get the tires refilled. At least 80 percent of drivers have under-inflated tires.

As you probably already know, tires lose air naturally. During the cooler months, one to two psi (pounds per square inch) is lost through the process of permeation. During the summer months, tires can lose even more than that per month.

Checking and refilling tire pressure improves the quality of your truck’s performance in the following ways:

  • Get better gas mileage: You can get up to 3.3 percent more miles per gallon when tires are properly inflated.

  • They’ll last longer: Inflated tires wear more evenly and have a longer life span, so you won’t have to buy tires as often.

  • Better handling: You’ll get more control of your truck’s brakes in high risk situations, such as when the road is wet or icy.

  • Lower rolling resistance: Your truck engine won’t have to work so hard to move your vehicle.

Tire Maintenance
To get the most out of your tires, make sure they are always at the standard pressure needed to perform their best. To maintain your tires:

  • Check the pressure: Either purchase a tire gauge, or use the gauge machine provided at a gas station at least once a month. Compare your tire pressure to the amount recommended in your tire pressure label, usually located inside the door on the driver’s side.

  • Check the alignment: Alignment helps your truck drive more smoothly. If you notice that your truck drifts to one side, that the steering wheel vibrates and/or is off center when driving straight, or if your tires have uneven wear, you may need a wheel alignment.

  • Inspect them: Every few weeks or so, run your fingers along the treads in your tires. Check for any wear and tear, as well as nails or small leaks that may be present.

  • Rotate your tires: Tire rotations help your truck ride smoothly and give you better handling. Aim to rotate them every 6,000 miles or so to keep the wear and tear as even as possible.

Doing these simple maintenance tips will not only help your tires last longer but will also save you lots of money, stress and time in the long run. Most importantly, it will keep you safe. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by, or give us a call.

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