Ray's Diesel Performance | Are crossovers just oversized hatchbacks?
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Are crossovers just oversized hatchbacks?


12 Jul Are crossovers just oversized hatchbacks?

22361477_SIf you’re in the market for new wheels, chances are you’re discovering the plethora of possibilities out there. Open your mind to the pros and cons of different auto body types, so your decision is a well informed one, depending on your needs.

The term crossover came when the auto industry tried to be everything to everyone. It’s supposed to be a combo of a sport utility vehicle and a sedan, with many features of the hatchback. Most cars deemed crossovers are on the frame of a sedan, so lower to the ground and potentially easier to get into than a truck or SUV. Because they’re bigger and heavier than sedans, these vehicles usually get lower gas mileage. But they’ve got the handy dandy lift gate and lots of cargo room. Crossovers also typically have seats that fold down to give you even more cargo options.

Hatchbacks have decreased in popularity with the emergence of the crossover. But really, the hatchback is very similar, in that it has a back with a hatch for easy stowing capabilities. They’re a little smaller and lighter than many crossovers, but have a lot of room and get better gas mileage.

Sedans are the category of the traditional 4 door vehicle, with a trunk for cargo space. Many of these are lighter than the crossover, which equates to even better fuel efficiency. A sedan doesn’t have the versatility of the other two, since your cargo goes in the trunk. Gone is the option of folding down seats to create one big space. But, these cars are good and basic and often less expensive than the trendy crossover.

We all want to be well informed consumers, especially when making a big purchase such as a vehicle. Prioritize your needs and set a budget then choose accordingly.

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